Rockford Properties


  Property Address Sq. Feet Price
Sun Valley Terrace 3319 Sun Valley Terrace
Rockford , IL 61103
1100 $500-$650
Overdene 1603 Overdene
Rockford , IL 61103
1100 $500-$650
Rockton (The Blair House) 2512 N Rockton
Rockford , IL 61103
750 to 1100 $475-$650
Creekview Apartments 4815-4860 Creekview
Rockford , IL 61108
950 to 1100 $600-$750
Flintridge Court 4864 Flintridge
Rockford , IL 61108
1100 $600-$750
Forest Hill Plaza
Rockford , IL
750 - 1800 $Call
Alpine Plaza
Rockford , IL
1000 - 5200 $Call
Lonergan Avenue
Rockford , IL
2900-5500 $Call
Flintridge Drive 138 Flintridge Dr.
Rockford , IL 61108
1100 $600-$750

Louis Capra & Associates Apartments in Rockford

If you enjoy the atmosphere of a city, but don't want the impersonal hustle of Chicago, then an apartment in Rockford is an excellent choice. Rockford is the third largest city in Illinois, and has developed into a tremendous cultural center. Rockford apartments offer easy access to a number of interesting historical sights, a diverse business and social community, and intriguing museums. But more than anything, Rockford is known as an outdoor destination.

When you choose an apartment in Rockford, you will live right within the beauty of Rockford's outdoors. Particularly in the warmer summer months, Rockford attracts hikers and outdoors enthusiasts from across the country. Located on the Rock River, Rockford is known for its beautiful trails, which seem to invite one to go walking. With an apartment in Rockford, you'll have access to these trails whenever you want. Exercise and outdoor fun will become a breeze.

Apartments for Rent in Rockford

As Rockford is a popular and populous city, there are a wide variety of apartments for rent. In Rockford, you will find many different locations and apartment structures, all of which boast different styles and unique elements. Yet when you look at each particular Rockford apartment, you will almost certainly find that Rockford apartments have one thing in common: they are designed for easy living, convenience, and location.

A Louis Capra & Associates property specialist is happy to help you investigate the variety of apartments in Rockford. As Louis Capra & Associates operates over 500 apartments in Rockford and nearby Love Park, there is no shortage of Rockford apartments to explore. Your Louis Capra & Associates representative will research the amenities that are most important to you, finding excellent apartments in Rockford that fit your bill exactly. We specialize in finding the right Rockford, Illinois, apartments at the right price.

Finding the Right Rockford Apartment

Louis Capra & Associates offers Rockford apartments in a number of different buildings located throughout the city. All of our apartments in Rockford are located on hubs of activity, conveniently close to shopping, nightlife, business, and transportation. Although all offer convenience and quality living, the actual style of the Rockford apartments we offer varies greatly: we have apartments for rent in Rockford that sit in a complex with only 11 units, but we also offer Rockford apartments in buildings with nearly 100 units.

Moving to Your Apartment in Rockford

At Louis Capra & Associates, we know that moving can be stressful. From the moment you start working with us to find your ideal Rockford apartment, we will make the process as easy as possible. We will do everything from providing relocation services to transitional housing to help you settle into your new Rockford apartment.

Once you have found your ideal Rockford apartment, we will help ease the process of securing the space for you. We keep our own staff insurance professionals to help you select the right coverage, protecting your Rockford apartment and your belongings. We also help with home inspections and other complex and tedious tasks that sometimes accompany moving. At Louis Capra & Associates, we not only help you pick the right apartment in Rockford, we help you get there as quickly and easily as possible.

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